Motivating School Teachers

What Motivates Public School Teachers in Punjab? Introduction Student learning outcomes in Punjab remain abysmal despite a doubling of the provincial budget in the last 7 years and a range of other investments. This has shifted government debates towards ‘quality’, with a particular focus on teachers. In view of that, the Punjab Monitoring and Implementation

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BISP and Voting Behaviour

BISP and Voting Behaviour Introduction Cash transfer programs are a popular tool used in many developing countries to fight poverty. These have been subject to many studies and evaluations, and have an evidence base that is arguably one of the highest among poverty reduction tools. Evaluations of cash transfer programs in parts of Africa, Asia

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Candidate in General Elections

Candidate Wealth, Education, and Criminality in the 2018 General Elections in Pakistan Introduction A dominant theme of the 2018 General Elections in Pakistan was wealth, ill-gotten or otherwise. The incumbent Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, was removed from office by Pakistan’s Supreme Court a year before the election and then sentenced to jail just 10 days

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Historicizing Local Government in Pakistan

  The Case of Basic Democracies Barely a month after coming to power in September 2018 Imran Khan promised the people of Pakistan a drastic overhaul in the country’s system of local government. Khan argued that the “transfer of power at the grassroots level and people’s empowerment in the real sense of the word was

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Comparative Democratisation

The Trajectory of Pakistan and India's Divergent Democracies India and Pakistan are two neighboring countries with a shared colonial past and similar inherited state structures, however, the political progression in each country differs drastically. Maya Tudor’s book titled The Promise of Power explains this divergence through the development of dominant political parties before partition of

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BTI 2018 Pakistan Report

The Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index (BTI) 2018 combines text analysis and numerical assessments into three broad transformations: political, economic and governance. This blog will focus on Pakistan’s measures for political transformation and conduct a comparison with other countries. It should be noted that these interpretations are strictly derived from BTI analysis, and do not reflect

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Women in Bureaucracy

Is There a Need to Challenge the Status Quo? Representation of Women in Senior Leadership Positions in the Bureaucracy As countries try to achieve gender parity in various public and private spheres of life to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring equal opportunity for women leadership in various political, economic and

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Motivating Bureaucrats

Beyond the Paycheck: Motivating Bureaucrats At No Cost The present government’s 11-point reform agenda places a significant focus on improving public service delivery in basic sectors such as health and education. A central necessity for improving public service delivery is a high performing bureaucracy. Existing evidence on the subject establishes that incentive structures and monitoring

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Pakistan At 71

  Pakistan At 71 The first class in almost any introductory Development Economics course consists of a lecture on simple growth models which show that output increases with capital, but at a decreasing rate. As developing countries are lower on that curve relative to developed countries, their growth rates should be higher. However, that is

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Costly Business

  Costly Business A factor widely considered significant in determining how quickly an economy will grow is how conducive its environment is towards the establishment and growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SMEs have been referred to as the backbone of developing countries for reasons as simple as their growth potential and job creation

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