Motivating School Teachers

What Motivates Public School Teachers in Punjab?


Student learning outcomes in Punjab remain abysmal despite a doubling of the provincial budget in the last 7 years and a range of other investments. This has shifted government debates towards ‘quality’, with a particular focus on teachers. In view of that, the Punjab Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU) led a Teacher Motivation Survey in 2017 to understand key drivers of teacher motivation, job commitment, and performance on the job. This brief highlights key insights from this survey.

• Across a representative sample of 9 districts in Punjab spread over the north, south and central regions, the survey was administered to 8419 public school primary teachers.

• In addition to standard measures of teacher profile and school characteristics, the survey also collected individual psychological measures such as teacher personality type, self-efficacy, pro-sociality, and locus of control. At the organisation level, measures of management (such as head teacher support, clarity of work goals, and regularity of feedback) were also collected. Finally, measures of teacher intrinsic motivation, job satisfaction, and job commitment were also obtained. Student test scores from PEC were used for additional analysis.

Read the full report here.


Zahra Mansoor

Doctoral Candidate of Public Policy at Oxford University.