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Pakistan@100- Zipper of the Region

A Perspective Paper from NDU
Ms. Beenish Sultan[1]

It is indeed overwhelming to envision Pakistan’s growth pattern in the next thirty years through the prism of its geographical location. It is a country which radiates images of the next big investment and tourist destinations of the World. The new ‘brand Pakistan’ is a ‘duo’ of its ideal placement at the cross roads of regions along with its phenomenal resilience amid a volatile neighborhood. It is in fact a ‘Geo-Economic Pivot’ or ‘The Zipper of Region’. Pakistan has played a pivotal role in the fight against the threats to regional and domestic peace and security, and has prevailed. After successfully curbing the elements of instability, Pakistan is now craving for development and growth, for which today the environment is extremely conducive. Its intrinsic capacity as a connector of regions is being viewed by major countries not from the security but now from an economic perspective. In fact, it is noteworthy that for the first time Pakistan’s role for regional economic growth is being recognized. Since long these regions, including land passage has been the least integrated with sea and land communication being almost negligible. Hence, with the improved security environment, Pakistan can act as a gateway for institutional, infrastructural and ideological integration (3 I’s) of Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Middle East, and towards Europe. In this milieu, this perspective paper highlights the significance of Pakistan’s geographical location as a surplus for development and growth of not just Pakistan but also of the region. It is a country which in the year 2047 can be one of the most significant conduits of connectivity of peripheral regions. However, this is only possible if a feasible regional environment persists which has minimal conflict and is devoid of hegemonic designs. Particularly, once Pakistan has done its bit in dealing with domestic and regional instability through kinetic and non-kinetic means and has played a key role for facilitating a long term peace process in the region. This paper establishes the perspective that, Pakistan is most relevant today than ever in national and regional prosperity and eyes are all set for consolidating the gains of its ideal geographic location and simultaneous geostrategic disposition for becoming a major hub for growth and development for all.

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[1] Ms. Beenish Sultan is a Research Associate at the Institute of Strategic Studies Research and Analysis, National Defence University. She is a PhD candidate in the subject of International Relations and is an author of two books.